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Superliner status and my Facebook page!


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Thanks for the heads up. Will see you on FB.👍😀

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I liked your page on FB ages ago XD But i'm really glad to see this sleeper. I've also followed all the updates on the SCS forum. I know a lot of people like the flat-tops and all, But i personally always preferred sleepers like these. I'm excited every time i get to see it \o/ And you said it'll get some customization? i'm excited to see what. But if i may suggest something, Maybe some of those reverse lights on the side of the sleeper near the top? I always liked having those as they shine past the trailer. Otherwise, I have no suggestions at all really. I'll let you surprise me :)

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Looking forward to this sleeper and I will check out your FB page.

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Stephen Stylus Allen

Looks good my friend

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Looks Damn good son ..can't wait

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Thanks for the truck, Macks have always been my favorite, (long live the B model) will the new sleeper work on the v1.43 truck? I don't plan on moving forward on updates anymore due to all the conflicts which each upgrade/update to my modded customized setup. And will it be able to be gotten someplace other then facebook? I don't do and willn't do them and I don't go to steam anymore because of the forced game updating. Sorry for be a grump, I tipped over in my wheel chair this morning and still hurt and ticked off at myself. Thank you

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