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Mack Superliner V2

309 ratings

After many months of hard work, Superliner V2 is finally here.

V2 key features:

  • A hand-made sleeper.
  • A new interior type and a new color scheme
  • Many customizations for the new sleeper cab
  • Tons of new lights, horns, mudflaps and improvements
  • 2 new paintjobs and all existing ones added sleeper variation
  • A separate pack for interior accessories and SiSL's compatibility.

Please consider donation if you enjoy my works, supporting me for new projects or updates to come.

V1 Key features:

  • Superlienr I and II generations in one package
  • highly detailed 80s era tri axle configuration
  • new full gauges animated dashboard interior
  • customizations for work truck/show truck looks, including retro to modern parts
  • even more options for red nodes hook-ups, search "vd" for rear lights, mud flaps, plates and more.
  • Many hand-made paint jobs, including Mack limited edition skins.

Templates and other DIYs:

  • template is in /template folder
  • 2 types of custom mudflaps,
    • Paint" included in truck template,
    • "DIY" find them in /mud_flaps folder
  • custom your plates in /plates folder


3D Model, texture: DielingWu, Harven

Sound: Kriechbaum

Engine/Transmission: Fury6, Harven, Kriechbaum, Qaaya

Skin: DielingWu, Goggles56

Special thanks to Harven, for giving the whole R mod as the base to this project.

Please avoid reselling, trading or reuploading, thank you!

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Mack Superliner V2

309 ratings
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