Mack Superliner

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Proudly introduce my new mod, a stand-alone Mack Superliner.

This is my biggest and most ambitious project to date,

hand-made from Harven's Mack R model into a Superliner,

with loads of customization options those are all hand made from scratch as well.

I've counted well over 300 hours into this project, and still this truck is free for the community.

Please consider donation if you enjoy my works, supporting me for new projects or updates to come.

Key features:

  • Now updated for game version 1.44
  • Superlienr I and II generations in one package
  • highly detailed 80s era tri axle configuration
  • new full gauges animated dashboard interior
  • customizations for work truck/show truck looks, including retro to modern parts
  • even more options for red nodes hook-ups, search "vd" for rear lights, mud flaps, plates and more.
  • Many hand-made paint jobs, including Mack limited edition skins.

Templates and other DIYs:

  • template is in /template folder
  • 2 types of custom mudflaps,
    • Paint" included in truck template,
    • "DIY" find them in /mud_flaps folder
  • custom your plates in /plates folder


3D Model, texture: DielingWu, Harven

Sound: Kriechbaum

Engine/Transmission: Fury6, Harven, Kriechbaum

Skin: DielingWu, Goggles56

Special thanks to Harven, for giving the whole R mod as the base to this project.

Please avoid reselling, trading or reuploading, thank you!

This product is not currently for sale.


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Mack Superliner

301 ratings